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Fall Winter 2013

Nest in a Knit, Dress in a Rose: New Couture, Modern Comfort

Couture comfort. Sartorial constructions which at the same time are cosy, soft and reassuring.
The way is the knitwear, whose intrinsic malleability allows new experiments in the characteristic references to the label’s heritage.

Maxi knit cloaks with highly contemporary lines and jacquard weaves or a mix of wool and cashmere yarns bring to mind the patterns of traditional men’s fabrics, also echoed in the wide-brimmed hats.

Soft volumes in the ribbed cashmere and wool sweaters, in the new knit furs with inlays of bouclé effect yarns and in the dresses in mohair and wool slub yarn with loop stitch trim.

A closer look at the textures with their direct visual simplicity reveals highly sophisticated techniques such as in the reversible double sheepskin, in moss stitch wool and mohair and plain knit or in the oversized collar duvet-like jacket made of weaves of yarns creating a wave effect.

The double tulle fabric with lace-like velvet flowers reproduces the effect of the knitwear in the dresses and suits with rhinestone embroideries, 3D Plexiglas flowers and innovative neoprene bands.

The coat is extra long, in double cashmere or leather, while the mink finds new identities in the pied-de-coq print cape, in the floral openwork cloak and in the maxi pink t-shirt.

Generous organza blouses with ruches and bows add movement to the severe cut of tuxedo suits with soft block pastel colours in tweed or chevron knit, with slightly gathered shoulders and ankle length pants.

The skirts in leather or organza and tweed, shaped like petals, enhance the silhouettes.

Couture dresses for the evening with plastic effects, in double mikado or floral print organza, to be worn over skinny pants in the same fabric.

Finishing touches, the accessories: tough-looking knee boots in black leather or ankle boots in leather and knit, or suede with all-over sequins and rhinestones.

18 Apr 2012
  • Giuseppe Zanotti

    “If a woman can't make her mistakes charming, she is only a female” Oscar Wilde

    18 Apr 2012
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