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Frequent travelers no longer have to worry about luggage weight restrictions from airlines, for example the 50cm cabin sized B-Lite weighs in at only 2,2kg (the cabin sized 55 cm at 2,3kg). Each suitcase in the collection achieves maximum capacity for minimum weight – all in an elegant and durable package. What‟s more, the 55cm upright and spinner fit virtually all airline cabin size regulations in Europe, with more and more of them requiring suitcases to be only 20cm deep.

It is everyone‟s worst nightmare to have to pay for excess weight, right before taking the plane to their dream destination. As a practical example, the B-Lite spinner 77cm weighs at least 1kg less than most other suitcases, meaning you can either travel with more clothes, bring back extra souvenirs, or avoid paying excess charges.

The revolutionary B-Lite collection includes five uprights and three stylish spinners for optimal mobility and a rolling tote. B-Lite‟s fashionably minimalist and modern design, not only looks ultra stylish but also helps to lower the weight of the suitcase. Innovative and sophisticated design elements, such as the integrated top and side handle which have been used for the first time ever in a Samsonite suitcase, all contribute to the collection‟s unbelievable lightness. B-Lite is also highly durable where it needs to be, for example, tough fabric is used along the sides of the cases, reinforcing it where it matters most, whereas the front panel is made of incredibly lightweight material. As always thorough procedures test the quality of a Samsonite suitcase‟s outer shell or fabric such as the UV resistance test which checks that discolouration does not occur in extreme sunlight.

25 Feb 2012
  • Cubelite

    For 101 years, Samsonite has been meeting the needs of the consumer. Research shows that today’s traveler is increasingly looking for luggage pieces which offer strong, light and smart travel solutions.

    25 Feb 2012

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