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Samsonite introduces the stunning award-winning Cosmolite, made in Europe; it is currently Samsonite‟s lightest and strongest hardside suitcase collection. Now Samsonite‟s best selling product line in Europe and also sold globally, Cosmolite is one of Samsonite‟s first luggage collections to feature the phenomenal Curv® technology.

Exclusive to Samsonite in the luggage arena, Curv® technology is better known for being used in bullet proof vests, skates and skis.

Cosmolite's specially moulded shell design, inspired on a seashell, is not only strikingly elegant but also acts as a protecting cocoon for a traveler‟s treasured possessions. The inventive raised ridges ensure unparalleled strength and remove the need for a thicker and therefore heavier outer layer whilst minimising the risk of scratches.

Curv®technology is an advanced impact-resistant, lightweight material. Samsonite has formulated the process to create the ultra strong material by weaving fibres of durable polypropylene together, transforming them into individual sheets which are quickly reinforced and fused together to form Cosmolite‟s outer shell.

Cosmolite‟s unwavering durability is tested to the maximum, as it undertakes Samsonite‟s vigorous product testing methods. Thorough procedures test the quality of a Samsonite suitcase‟s outer shell, such as the drop test where Cosmolite undergoes 25 continuous drops from 0,6m. It is also conducted at minus 12 degrees to replicate the temperature when it comes out of a plane and is the only Samsonite suitcase to survive a drop at 120cm. Components are also tested: fasteners and zippers have to endure the reciprocating tester which opens and closes them between 5.000 and 15.000 times to check their durability. As with other Samsonite lines, the finished Cosmolite product is tested for strength with the tumble test which involves placing the suitcase in a large drum with metal and wooden obstacles. The product is then tossed around violently at high speed during 50 cycles of the drum – replicating the journey of a suitcase as it passes through baggage handling for example.

Says, Erik Sijmons, Design Manager Samsonite Europe: "We have spent 5 years researching, designing and developing Cosmolite and the aim was to build the ultimate suitcase for the frequent traveler who demands innovation and lightweight luggage. Cosmolite‟s unique design means unsurpassed strength and lightness."

27 Apr 2012
  • Cubelite

    For 101 years, Samsonite has been meeting the needs of the consumer. Research shows that today’s traveler is increasingly looking for luggage pieces which offer strong, light and smart travel solutions.

    25 Feb 2012

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