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It started as a small tailoring shop. Thirty five years later it is a reputable and innovative group of companies with more than 150 dedicated employees, managed with the same passion, attention to detail and love for design and quality. VF Group of Companies is the leader in outdoor media, distributors of the leading contemporary design lighting and furniture brands, developer of high end properties and an important player in the fashion industry.

Founded with a passionate vision to provide a highly professional, distinctive service dedicated to providing solutions to customers needs, VF Group is the parent organization for a growing number of leading companies, embracing diverse, yet strategically related businesses.

Since its inception, VF has grown significantly, and continues to grow, butour main objective has remained resolutely the same: to uphold the values ofinnovation, inspiration, professionalism, communication and teamwork acrossevery element of the company.

30 Aug 2011
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    31 Aug 2011
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